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Decades ago I used to maintain my website which featured The Punny Name Archive (PNA), a limited Homonomicon*. This is the **triumphant return of these lists, with YOUR chance to enter your own, and create your own content about, each name you find particularly humorous.

The origins of the PNA began with a list of such examples originally collected by my father, preserved and nurtured and enlarged through about 60 years of first hand-written, then computerized lists. But I decided along the way that the first and last names used should reflect the real world, so I found a site that showed the 1990 census results, containing lists of the most common first and last names in America. I then "mapped" each name to dozens of different spellings, and intonations, and ended up with an unmanageable list, but in offering this list to the world of 2014, I pared the list down to something over 3300 non-duplicated names, sorted by first name. Mind you, I threw out 9 for every one I kept. Yes, I could cut even more. Yes, there are many missing! And yes, you can help!

Featured Name

Jack A Clubb

Country found in: UK

  • Club, Clubb, or Clubbe, this is an English surname.
  • It was a medieval occupational surname for a "clubber", a maker of clubs used for warlike purposes.
  • Also good at cards.

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